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Assetize LogoPosted: Dec 30, 2009
Company: Assetize
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Professional athletes, including ones from the NBA and NFL, are looking to connect with sponsors. Want to help?

Assetize is looking for a Business Development Lead to pursue relationships with large and small brands. These brands would act as sponsors for tier 1 athletes and their social accounts.

Here’s why it’s a job you’ll love:

– Assetize is in the hottest space around – it’s the intersection of a multi-billion dollar industry (advertising) and the next billion dollar company (Twitter). You could be the one defining how this space evolves
– Wicked new offices at the corner of Yonge St. & King St. in downtown Toronto
– Surrounded by brilliant minds, and we don’t mean us. The office is shared with a VC, a YCombinator-type incubator program, numerous other startups, and a mobile consulting company that’s constantly wow’ing the world with their apps. The place oozes brainpower, while still being fun-loving
– Base salary, and performance bonuses

Here’s what you’ve got to be, to make the cut:
– Relentless. We need to get things done, and the only thing that matters is results. You’ve got to be ok with hearing ‘no’ from a brand 9 times, and still call a 10th time so they say ‘yes’ to you out of exhaustion
– Energetic beyond belief. People should be sick of being around you first thing in the morning, but miss you when you’re not around
Flexible. We’re a startup, so chances are you’ll be doing more than just what’s on this post
– Willing to play the high risk / high reward game that startups live everyday
– You should be ready to interview and start immediately.

Apply by emailing me your resume and a 2 paragraph blurb about why you’d be great for the job. Here’s a tip: the blurb carries as much weight as the resume, so make it count. Resumes state facts about your past jobs. We want to know why you’d be awesome for this job. Email address: saif at

Know someone who’d be great for the gig? Pass it along and win $100 if we hire them. Or we’ll regift something that we didn’t like from Christmas. Kidding mom, I loved that sweater! <sigh>


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